Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Out Of The Funk, Into The Frying Pan

Did you hear? Apparently the twilight books made a top ten list for challenged books in 2009. This made me giggle to myself. Apparently it is also frequently requested to be banned from US libraries due to sexual content, vampireness, violence, etc. Heart hug. Please note: I never condone the burning or banning of books, I think discretion should be handled by parents and the rest should fend for themselves with a brain. But just the sheer fact that any of this occured . . . giggle giggle.

Moving on . . . I consider yesterday an emotional recovery day. Tuesday I went into a really horrid emotion and hormone-induced funk. I despise when this happens. So yesterday was recovery day. It usually takes a day to really make an effort and get passed the funk. So I got off of work and headed out to the airport where I proceeded to sit in the warm sunshine, work on my vitamin D and took a brief nap. It was a beautiful day and I love watching the planes land and take off. Afterwards, I made myself go to the gym. This was a challenge, but I did it. And I'm so glad I did. When I worked out on monday I felt really good, but I was also really sore and I realized how much work I needed to commit to in order to at least get back to where I was (and certainly beyond that). I took the step though and challenged myself to push it and do extra laps. I did ten extra laps and made myself finish strong on the last two. It was a great feeling. I also had a lovely conversation with a gal learning how to swim and was privy to an experience that just made me smile. After I swim I go sit in the hot tub to stretch. Out of the steam room comes a gal and a guy. It couldn't hear them very well and it took me awhile to realize they were speaking in russian. And though I have no clue what they were saying, it was beautiful to just listen to them speaking. And he was so excited and enthusiastic and happy. I loved it. I almost wanted to say thank you. May sound odd, but I loved being a fly on the wall.

Note: This post was from a pit ago, but I liked this part of it so much that I just HAD to still post it, hehe.

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