Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Signs The I'm Getting Old

At 25, I understand that a significant number of you will roll your eyes and say "quit your bitchin'". I get that. But after recent events and revelations, I thought that it's interesting feeling "older" at this time of my life. And I'm not talking about the achey breaky BS that I've contributed to in my body, but more the perspective changes . . .

I Drink Tea Almost Every Night During The Winter Everytime we get together for a family dinner at my Grandparent's house, the meal will end and my grandmother will do a last call for after-dinner coffee or tea. And they will almost always have one or the other. When I get home and I'm relaxing during the winter or painting, I drink warm tea with milk and a scoach of sugar. I am my grandmother . . .

I Judgy-Wudgy-Bear Teenage Girls  It's been long known that grandma's say things like "that skirt's too short!" or "what is she wearing? she should cover up" or "what the blast is going on with her hair?" I've caught myself saying these things along with such things as "I don't remember us being that roudy" and "Did we dress like that?" For the most part I always dressed different in high school, away from the norm. Older. And I don't mean slutty ho-bag older, but covered up professional older. I had no style, what can I say.

I Find Myself Trying To Defy Gravity  So there comes a point where you realize you now have to work in order to defy gravity's evil plot against your body. Before it was girdles and standing there with a martini in your hand while a rotating rubber band vibrated the fat out of your mid section. Now it's anything I can do! I refuse to drag the girls behind me before I'm at least 50 (hopefully older). And therefore, effort must be put forth. Damn.

When You Do Something Childish, You Feel Stupid  I pre-qualify the word "childish" with not something child-like (i.e. board games, blowing bubbles, etc). Before, you did something childish and your parent would lecture you and teach you a lesson or they'd tell you to grow up. Now someone else does something childish and they are tacky and petty. When you do it (i.e. childish retaliation, etc), you scold yourself. You feel good for two seconds, and then you feel stupid.

I Want To Nap. Often. I find this one particularly interesting. Yes, I know, part of it's my lifestyle. Get over it. But frankly I also feel as though nap time has come around in full swing again. Nap time used to be great fun. Now it's a necessity to make it till bed at 9pm lol.

 Back-To-School Time I'm in that cusp between fact of life thinking and still wanting to buy notebook paper and have a bouquet of sharpened pencils. It also weirds me out seeing school busses all over the place again and having to pay attention to school zones. I also see all of these great designer-esque things in the stores and I'm secretly jealous. "We didn't have that stuff growing up"!

Where Did The Year Go? I used to never understand when adults would wonder where the month or, worse, the year had gone. Never understood it. Now I do. I have no clue where August went and frankly, the idea that 2010 is only another 3.5 months long really is disconcerting. I see Halloween crap in the stores and though excited for the holiday, I also find myself wondering where the time went.

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