Thursday, October 21, 2010

Flannel, Fog and Fabulousness

Happy fall everyone! I've been a bit of a bad blogger lately, but I am hoping to rectify this. Things have been interesting lately. I meant to write this post monday, but then I got all nice and sick this week so that blew that bright idea. Poo. Anywho . . . I've been trying to do some things for fall that make me happy.

Whenever the weather turns nippy I start dreaming of flannel. I have a thing for new sheets. They make me feel giddy and I bask in their loveliness. I stretch and snuggle. You can't beat new sheets. So, of course, I bought new flannel sheets for fall. They make me happy. I ponder a little bit though about the flannel choice I made though . . . plaid. It's a subdued plaid of course, nothing freaky, but sometimes it makes me wonder if I'm becoming more and more like my mother . . . I thought about the hearts and polka dots, but despite my like of them, for some reason I felt like a bit like a little girl if I picked those and then I would be contributing to the non-ushering in of adulthood. Yes. This is how my brain works. Over sheets.

And as an honorable mention: My puppy dog graduated on thursday for her first set of training classes. While the hat was not my idea (I would never!), I will say she was the only one without a problem with it. Win!

The beautiful lake

In other weekend wonderfulness, the puppydog and I went out and went hiking at a new park. We spent a little time on the lake and then in a daring move, I let her run free off leash to test her learning skills. Despite some pee-my-pants moments I think she did pretty well! And we even got back in time for the dog wash.

♥ My Ballet Night Look ♥

Later that evening I endulged in one of my favorite pastimes: going to a show. Lately I've been on this show kick. I realized that I've been missing out on shows because I felt like I had to go with someone. And I feel bad asking my dad to every single show I think about because it is money. Though I would never tell him that. He has always been wonderful about going to concerts and shows. It's something I dearly heart about him. I have finally overcome this thought though and have lately been taking myself to shows. First I saw Carmina Burana/Pagliachi. It was an amazing double header show and I am so thankful I went and grateful that I was able to. This got me thinking though . . . there are others! So last weekend I went to the Ballet and saw Sleeping Beauty. And while some may roll in their grave about the thought that I was contrasting in my head to the disney movie, I confess, I did it. But in my defense, it was simply in observation of the idea that there was all of this other music to it that I never knew of. And was beautiful. And because my eye-spy brain is in the show mood, I was even bright enough to come up with a show surprise for my friend's birthday that my gal pals and I can go to! I'm so excited about it too. To girl up and do a fun event together. Mucho bueno!

The Theater
One of my fav things: The Live Orchestra!

Some other fall things I love: ♥Flannel Sheets 
♥Waking up to foggy mornings  ♥Sleeping in on weekends 
♥Listening to the rain outside while reading in bed 
♥Sweater Weather  ♥Fuzzy Socks  ♥Tea Time  ♥Opera Nights  ♥Broadway & Ballet Shows  ♥Feeling Girly 
♥Checking things off The List  ♥Finding The Perfect pumpkins  ♥Halloween Movies  ♥Puppydog Hugs

There's more pumpkin patch goodness to come in the next installment. Love to all my ladies and jellyspoons!

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