Thursday, August 19, 2010

Epic Technology

The world is quite the place these days . . . I have an iphone. And while it limits some of the ability with web browsing (i.e. posting a photo on this post until tomorrow when I'm at a computer), I am in love with it. I'm also in love with toys that I can associate with it.

First it was the car charger/tuner that allows me to play ipod/iphone tunes on my car. This was awesome. I find this a wonderful thing. And moving along the amazing train . . . Here comes the Sony ipod speaker dock. I heart this thing. It's a stereo with really great sound, works for my ipod and iphone and best yet . . . it has a remote. Oh yeah baby. I'm lazy, therefore the remote is tres fabu! And now we come to the final destination on our journey . . . the ipad keyboard dock that just happens to work with my phone. Epic.

I've been having a hankering to blog more, but my comp at home is slow as molasses and my internet just went bust, so alas . . . the phone is the only connection. So, with the help of the trusty keyboard I can now use my phone like my computer. Woohoo! It's so terribly exciting for me. I'm giddy with excitement, hehe.

On that note, I'm heading to bed. Soak up my giddyness kiddies, it's a great world!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Falling In Love: Meet Boo

In life there are all sorts of things to fall in love with . . . a beautiful day, yourself, a song, an emotion, trying something new, a place and if you're really lucky, a person. I suppose that I should admit that with the departure of my ex, I was feeling a bit of a void of love. I was falling in love with life again, with feeling, with my emotions and with doing stuff I actually wanted to. But, the void was still somewhere back there. I've always been a firm believer that God gives you just what you could handle. Sometimes I wish he would stop trusting me with so many things though lol. He also knows just what you need. And thus, he said 'let there be dog'! Bam!

The Story of Boo: On 4th of July weekend I went up to my parents in Washington. We chillaxed with BBQ, did sparklers, watched the idiots across the street try to blow themselves up. I even bought glow necklaces on a whim for fun. It's all fun in games 'til your mom unexpectedly whacks you with one of those while she's twirling. Worse when it happens repeatedly. Thank heavens she invested in new spectacles! Anywho, the next day we wake up from our evening of shenanigans and opt for a drive. And God said, 'let her have a bright idea'! Pulling out of the town, we were suppose to turn right. For shits and giggles, I suddenly was curious about the town the other direction. So we went, we saw, we came back. And on our way balk, casually trotting along the side of the road was this sweet looking dog. Now a preface this entire thing by saying these are in leash law towns so you would notice if your pooch is missing. We pull over and then second I step out, she comes a' running! She charges head first into my legs and instantly is a ball of love. I walk over to the car to speak with my mom and the pooch hops right in! And instantly she is at home. Go figure. We drove around, looked for tags, looked for owners . . . nothing. And suddenly, I became the proud owner of a puppy dog.

Puppy-dog Beauty: For years I've wanted another dog. I himmed and hawwed, said no with the excuse that it was money and we were never home, blah blah blah. I also never wanted to train a dog. All of these families want puppies for their kids and there's puppy mills everywhere. I don't want a puppy. Cutes, but no bueno. I do not have the tolerance or patience. So I think I ended up being THE luckiest girl in the world. She's house trained, she sits and stays for a treat, walks ok on a leash and doesn't bark. She still needs formal training, but her cuddlebug-ness outweighs this small dark spot. She rides uber well in the car and will go anywhere with you. She survived the puppy wash pretty good, though she hates the blow dryer as much as she hates the vacuum. Thank heavens she's short haired. I've even gotten her to like her crate, though to be honest, I haven't had the heart to close it on her. We had some initial destruction when she was still super insecure, but that's gotten much better. I will say though that she's a counter surfer and looks at plastic as something to chow down on. This has been most recently the bane of my existance as she's eating undelightful things. Oh well I suppose. Honestly though, I could not have asked for a better dog. And she makes my dad melt into a big love bug which wasn't easy to do, hehe. My favorite things about her: The smile on her face when she plays, how when she walks her booty wiggles and how one of her all black ears has a white tip and strip on the underside. It's cutes.

And just in case you were wondering about the cuteness, here are some photos :)

The Day We Met When She Curled Up In The Backseat

Conked out puppy dog

First Day Out On The Trails

The Cuddle Bug

So this beautiful bundle of loveness is awesome and has been taking up mucho time. I recommend to all of you though, if you have room in your heart and home to consider adopting a rescue dog. They have a lot of love to give and there's sure to be a special one out there just for you!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Vid Picks

Happy Monday everyone! So I fail at the bloggage lately, but in my avid postage of vids on my facebook, I just now realized they are entirely applicable here too! Sooo . . . I thought I'd share. Below are vids on awesome things, noteworthy headlines, good movies to be and politics that just make you shake your head. Enjoy!

Headline: Mis-marked Graves at Arlington

Headline: The Grossly Obstinate Partisans Shove Foot In Mouth And Refuse To Help Because Of Their Dirty Politics. If you really cared and were going to pass it otherwise, then you should pass it now dunskys.


Movie: The Adjustment Bureau
<a href="" target="_new" title="'The Adjustment Bureau' Trailer">Video: 'The Adjustment Bureau' Trailer</a>

Movie: Get Low. (Because I like Robert Duvall and the big BM)

<a href="" target="_new" title="'Get Low' Trailer">Video: 'Get Low' Trailer</a>


Movie: The Town
(Because it looks that good and I miss the good movie-worthy Ben Affleck a little)

<a href="" target="_new" title="'The Town' Trailer">Video: 'The Town' Trailer</a>

Movie: The Lottery
(an interesting docummentary on today's educational system and the fight to get ahead) 
 And other note-worthy things to be aware of . . .

Headline: This Post by Dad Gone Mad made me cry in a I-love-my-dad sorta way.
Headline: Six Monhs After Haiti Quake, Mother & Daughter Reunited. Shine your light.
Headline: Man Steals Library's Tarantula
Headline: BP is full of shit. Shocker.
Headline: British Daddy Warbucks Purchases Europe's Cocoa Supply. That's enough candy bars to make qilly wonka salivate.
Headline: Rhino. Sad Face.