Thursday, August 19, 2010

Epic Technology

The world is quite the place these days . . . I have an iphone. And while it limits some of the ability with web browsing (i.e. posting a photo on this post until tomorrow when I'm at a computer), I am in love with it. I'm also in love with toys that I can associate with it.

First it was the car charger/tuner that allows me to play ipod/iphone tunes on my car. This was awesome. I find this a wonderful thing. And moving along the amazing train . . . Here comes the Sony ipod speaker dock. I heart this thing. It's a stereo with really great sound, works for my ipod and iphone and best yet . . . it has a remote. Oh yeah baby. I'm lazy, therefore the remote is tres fabu! And now we come to the final destination on our journey . . . the ipad keyboard dock that just happens to work with my phone. Epic.

I've been having a hankering to blog more, but my comp at home is slow as molasses and my internet just went bust, so alas . . . the phone is the only connection. So, with the help of the trusty keyboard I can now use my phone like my computer. Woohoo! It's so terribly exciting for me. I'm giddy with excitement, hehe.

On that note, I'm heading to bed. Soak up my giddyness kiddies, it's a great world!

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