Friday, June 25, 2010

Dude, That's My Skull

Happy friday everyone! Or at least trying to have it be so. I have a pounding migraine lurking around in my skull right now that can't decide whether it's coming or going. On top of this, any sort of general body movement, not high on my priority list. Despite all of this, I can find nothing to utterly complain about. This week (counting through last Saturday) seems to have bounced back with a vengence in retort to last week and just splattered me with goodness. Thus, I am forced to dub this under the heading of "best week ever". Honestly, I can't remember my last best week ever. Maybe I just haven't been as aware up until this point. Me and my silly oblivion. I can remember some great self-aware moments, but weeks, I am hard pressed. So, the rundown . . . last week was sort of icky. Wasn't terrible, but certainly not where I wanted on the good-o-meter. So instead of expecting anything this week, I just asked for good things. And boy howdy, did the good things pour!!!

First off, it's been amazingly sunny and warm and gorgeous here this week. It's been heavenly. The last couple of mornings I've awoken to my bedroom completely immersed in sunshine. This always makes me feel beautiful and energized. Ready to take on the world! I love how sunshine warms the skin and instantly lifts the spirit. I can't be a sour puss in sunshine. It's an assault on the world and completely wrong. Drives with the window down, walking barefoot in the grass, picnics in the park - these are all things to be done while accompanied by sunshine. Today it's kind of meh out - warm, but overcast. I'm hoping for sunny sunshine this weekend though. Fingers crossed!

Second, despite being overly hormonal and potentially on-the-verge-of-bitchy, I've been in a pretty good mood all week. I happied myself out of a migraine on Tuesday. For those unaware, happied = proactively smiling and thinking positive thoughts. And the rest of the week I had an immense feeling that everything would work out.

On Monday I went girly shopping. Do not confuse girly shopping with girls going shopping. No no no, bit of a crowbar please, thank you. Girly shopping is something entirely different from say buying a blender (which I did on Sunday, YAY!!! Finally! I can't wait to blend something.) or a tshirt (not done lately). Girly shopping lends to the concept of buying girly essentials. I haven't done this in a really long time and I felt it was time I start liking my unmentionables again. It's shexshy time!

On Tuesday I got compliments from three different clients about how they love to work with me. This made me smile all day long. Of course, my Dad tried to rain on my parade with some snarky comment about them "just being happy they are getting help" (Read: Sometimes I think if I were to prick his finger, he'd bleed an effin rain cloud), but that did not deter me from my happy wagon! And Wednesday only got better! Around mid day I get a call to go up to the front desk because I had a delivery. Turns out a super sweet family of clients I work with sent me the most beautiful pot of geraniums. This thing is massive and gorgeous! I've left it at my desk all week just so I could smile each time I see it. And then, also unknown to me at the time, they also sent a glowing email to my boss(s) about me! Could I love my job anymore?! I think not.

I also got my online banking reinstated and made my very first dr appointment on Tuesday. I am plainly delighted about this. Let's just be honest, it's fabulous. For over a year, due to the bank's fowl up, I have been unable to view my bank account online. I find this to be an inconvenient pain in the arse. I am now thrilled to be the proud member of online banking with both checking and credit. This is so exciting for me! And to top it off, my medical benefits kick in next week (woohoo!) and I made my first dr appointment. The best thing of all? I get the same doctor I had a bazillion years ago that I was going to request. Makes life so much easier sometimes when they beat you to the punch, hehe.

There's a competion between the flower pot day and yesterday for "best day of the week". Flower pot was pretty cool. But then again, yesterday could be cooler. Yesterday I was able to finally check another thing off my list. Go Kayaking. Check. AMAZING!!! I'm in love with kayaking now. There were some definite concerns at times . . . I'm not a skinny mini so finding a boat was oh so fun, I have giant tatas so finding a lifejacket was even funner (yes, I said funner) and the final clincher . . . getting in and out of the boat without tipping, getting stuck or killing yourself. All not recommended. But I did it! And it was worth it. We took a paddle up a beautiful two hour paddle at sunset up a calm river. No bugs, saw a graceful blue heron, saw hawks soaring the air currents, saw playful river otter and it was warm and beautiful. Could not have asked for better conditions. And to beat all that, it was a small group of older ladies who all were very helpful and non-judgemental and oh so sweet. I didn't feel like a dunsky at all! And I've been slowly building my water friendly wardrobe so I looked fashionable to boot, hehe. I can't wait to go again! And hopefully take pictures soon too!

And finally there's today. Friday. TGIF. I was thinking that today was going to be icky. I thought, eh, I've had my goodness for the week, it's ok. Not so, it's not ok!!! And God said, let there be goodness! And then there was Tom Selleck. Why yes, I would love for you to deliver my two favorite Tom Selleck movies on dvd (Quigley Down Under & The Sacketts) today. And so it was. Huzzah! I think for tonight, a Tom Selleck movieness and room clean up is in order. Yeehah!

Today I also held a gun. This would be my second time holding one and my first time learning how to hold one correctly. Now please note, this is not for gang banger shits and giggles. It is one of the things on my list: To learn how to shoot a gun. I confessed to a friend who, unbeknownst to me, is an avid gun guy and goes shooting at the ranges quite often. He offered to take me sometime soon. This is exciting. To check another thing off my list would be awesome!!!

So speaking of my list and since I am in a confessional mood, I will share one more list item with you: To experience Dia de los Muertos. Day of the Dead. I love the culture behind it and I absolutely LOVE the artwork that goes with it. For those who don't know the concept, GO HERE. Did I meantion my wikipedia affliction? For those who do . . . enjoy some lovely artwork below.

So, now you might be wondering what holds in store for my weekend . . . I have no idea. But I know it can only be goodness! Love to all of my ladies and jellyspoons <3

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Laundry List

Well happy Sunday everyone! It's been a beautiful weekend here in Ptown and quite an interesting day for lil ole me. Apparently I was not quite prepared for the heat like I thought. I had a nasty headache all day long and took until late this afternoon to figure out I was dehydrated. Silly ole me. This is the second time this year that I've experienced it. I sincerely hope that if it decides to happen again that I'll figure it out a whole lot quicker. I wasted the whole damn day wandering around places being unable to make any sort of decision. It was ridiculous I tell you! All I could deccide was that nothing seemed right. And I was cranky. Cranky, headachey and indecisive. Not a good combo it make. There were some good moments though . . . I went to the farmer's market and bought some peonies. I love the farmer's market. All the hubub and bustle, the smells and colors. And each week, the one I go to has a different music artist or group playing. I love that you can stop and get lost for a moment in the moment. It's beautiful. I also got my patio furniture and hibatchi cleaned out. I have one plastic chair that's hopeless to a fault, but the rest look good. I am on the hunt for new chair covers and I will prevail! Sans headache of course. I also need to replant two planters, but that shall have to wait for another day. After all that though . . . I thought I would conclude my day with finally being able to check off some items from my laundry list de blog.

First off, I heart the iPad commercial. Not because of the nature of it or the iPad itself mind you, though it is well done, but above all else, for the voice. Ah yes, the voice! Now you might be wondering who . . . I'll tell you . . . Peter Coyote! So more than the commercial, I heart Peter Coyote. When I was younger I had the hugest crush on Peter Coyote. He was the "good guy" in several 80's movies and was just the bees knees. Now grant you, he was "older", but he was still a stud. And his voice is great. Up there with Sean Connery's and Liam Neeson's for me.

Second off, I would like to touch on postal happiness. I have long thought that postmen were some of the greatest people on earth. Like disney characters. I mean, yes, sure, they deliver junk mail and bills. But then there are times where you get lucky and they deliver you happy news and wonderful letters. I love receiving good mail.
A week or so ago I received a letter from my soldier and I can't wait for more! This weekend I sent my first care package filled with yummy goodness and fun to him.

I have a confession to make . . . I have a secret addiction to wikipedia. It's awesome and horrid all at the same time. On one hand, it's all this great information at your fingertips with one click. On the other hand,, it suckers you in! You start reading about a platypus and then get dragged into reading about the wolverine and other australian animals that are rare, some who live in trees and others with facial deformity disease plaguing the population. One moment you click to read about the poppy, the next you're reading about heroin and morphine and NSAIDs and anti-inflammitories and the nervous system. It's a vicious vicious cycle! You feel intelligent in your effective time waste management, yet the time is gone, to be found no more. It's evil I tell ya.

I'm rethinking the happy birthday song avoidance I'm partaken in for years in public venues. For years I have avoided both singing and, more so, being sung to by the happy birthday theme song(s). I avoid it like the plague. However, it never fails, each time I find myself sitting in Red Robin for an extended period of time I am subjected to the age old Red Robin version happy birthday song. Because of this, I know it by heart. Before it was just general disdain and repugnance towards this tune and clappage. Then I started counting the number of times I encountered said song during the sit-in. I have now been suckered in to clapping along and feigning faux enthusiasm. It turns out this has become noticed. I went to dinner one night wiath a friend and while on a bathroom mission was blockaded by said birthday clapping singing entourage. I did my typical feign and upon ending, one waiter said I should partake more often and help them sing in the future. It has come full circle and the sadness ensues.

I will finish this evening with a theme that seems to be rearing it's ugly little head as of late. Man jewelery. Aside from a token ring or a good watch and cuff links, perhaps a clean cut earing, I find man jewelery unacceptable. The gold chains in the fuzzy fur and the bracelets. Uh uh. I extend this to car jewelery. I don't count car decals with this. Just the weird hanging paraphernalia to be found dangling from said man's mirror. Please note, I will exclude a crucifix, despite the fact that it should not be dangling over me will in the act of mating. But fuzzy dice, mardi gras beads, your gold chain collection, etc etc. There is no need to include these in one's vehicle. And to be honest, it merely makes you look more douchey. Cease and desist post haste.

Alrighty, I'm heading to bed. Love to all my ladies and jellyspoons.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Music Thursday

I dub this New Music Thursday. Lately I've been heavily using the "buy now" button on itunes. So if nothing else, I thought I would share some of my favorite new music picks!

The Black Keys - Tighten Up
Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man, The Cave
Rachel Goodrich - Light Bulb
The Constellations - Felicia
Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me (Yes, it's mainstream, but it's booty groovin')
The Dirty Heads - Lay Me Down
La Roux - Bulletfroof (Going mainstream and the video is the 80's sh*t!)

You should go check these out. Go. Now.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello Wednesday

Happy Hump Day everyone! After recently coming across a string of new blogs that I adore, I thought perhaps I should take some time and devote to mine. Thanks to this ridiculously busy new schedule, my brain has been a mess and blogging has seemed to be a daunting task. Which is ridiculous, it should come easy! But apparently I've had the mental ability of a rock lately. On the flip side though . . .

I'm Full Time! This week marks the start of my new full time adventure at work. Last week my lovely boss pulled me aside, inquired about my full time interest to which I joyfully responded yes!It's sort of like dating though . . . you secretly wonder if perhaps you said yes to fast, but then eventually come to the "ah, screw it" conclusion. Frankly, for twice the paycheck and finally having benefits, I really don't care. So excited! Heart bursting in over-joyment! Once I came down from cloud 9 (still haven't fully), I came to two stunning conclusions though . . . A) The time period between 1pm and 3pm sucks ass! Not because it's slow or boring, but for the sheer fact that your lunch kicks in and makes you want nap time and until 3pm, it's not late enough to convince yourself that there's light at the end of the tunnel called "your work day". B) You start over on the work chain. When you get reprimanded and then do a 180 turn around to be better, that's a start from the beginning. You reach the top when they recognize this and offer you something awesome like full time. Once you get said offer, you start over back at the bottom of a new hill to climb. You find you have to further impress them with new things and continue to do good work. I'm up to the challenge though. And oh, is it a challenge!!!

Flip Flops Are Sickly Amazing. Anyone who knows me, knows I pretty much live in my flip flops. I'm not sure if this has become more or less so since my broken leg, but I do know that any sort of sexy-heel-type shoe has pretty much dropped out of the running. This, technically, is good and bad. On one hand, heels are bad for your body structure, throw off your alignment and shorten your calf muscles and achilles (yeah I know) tendon. On the other hand, they make you look hot and more professional. So cruzing around the work place in the flip flops, not so professional. But, I work in a tech hole that I rarely come out of except to eat or pee and I work with all men - except for my boss who could put any woman's shoe wardrobe to shame. Except Carrie. Secretly, I think my sub-concious brain is seeing how long they'll let the flipflopness slide until saying something. I'm pushing the envelope in fashion with rubbery shoes that offer no support and require pedicures. I'm sick.

Bahumbug! Sometimes holidays have sucky reprocussions. Here, you get a three day weekend. And not to mention that oh-so-awesome shortened work week. But alas, this tricks out your brain and requires you to remember that even though it feels like tuesday, it's really wednesday. And those weekend plans you just discussed with your mother . . . yeah, those aren't as far away as you might think. Alas, I get the fail stick on this today. Gotta look at the bright side though, at least I remembered the plans at all . . . .

On Target: Today I came across an awesome blog in which at least 75% involves a love for Target. I heart this blog. And then in reading, I contemplate my true love for target. I love Target for its "affordableness without feeling cheap" feeling. This is a feeling I quite agree with and Wally Mart cannot compete with. I love that I can find the right gardening gloves, come home with an awesome plastic water bottle that, shhh, I switched the cap on because the other one was better, fall in love with the perfect pirate towel to ship to my soldier and buy a favorite movie the first week it comes out on the cheap. And I love that I can depend on the fact that my favorite Target check-outters will be there. Like family. In a non-huggy sort of way. I love that every year when I break my sunglasses, I can usually find a replacement here. I love how truly trashy they've made the plus size clothing area and how they think every plus size girl has a short waist. I'm plus size, I can say these things. I love the Target contact high. And I completely agree that, like alcohol, Target will amplify the mood you are currently in. If it's a good one, you will feel positively scrumptious when you walk out with everything (and more) that you were hunting for. And if you feel shitty, every shitty thing possible in the store will annoy the crap out of you further . . . from the mother screaming at her child in isle 5 to the guy who bathed in his cologne that morning to checker that just can't get it right to that person that you really (really, really) want to mow down with your red plastic cart. But alas, I heart Target.

And here it is, the end of my day. Over the river and through the woods, off to my Gma's house I go!