Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello Wednesday

Happy Hump Day everyone! After recently coming across a string of new blogs that I adore, I thought perhaps I should take some time and devote to mine. Thanks to this ridiculously busy new schedule, my brain has been a mess and blogging has seemed to be a daunting task. Which is ridiculous, it should come easy! But apparently I've had the mental ability of a rock lately. On the flip side though . . .

I'm Full Time! This week marks the start of my new full time adventure at work. Last week my lovely boss pulled me aside, inquired about my full time interest to which I joyfully responded yes!It's sort of like dating though . . . you secretly wonder if perhaps you said yes to fast, but then eventually come to the "ah, screw it" conclusion. Frankly, for twice the paycheck and finally having benefits, I really don't care. So excited! Heart bursting in over-joyment! Once I came down from cloud 9 (still haven't fully), I came to two stunning conclusions though . . . A) The time period between 1pm and 3pm sucks ass! Not because it's slow or boring, but for the sheer fact that your lunch kicks in and makes you want nap time and until 3pm, it's not late enough to convince yourself that there's light at the end of the tunnel called "your work day". B) You start over on the work chain. When you get reprimanded and then do a 180 turn around to be better, that's a start from the beginning. You reach the top when they recognize this and offer you something awesome like full time. Once you get said offer, you start over back at the bottom of a new hill to climb. You find you have to further impress them with new things and continue to do good work. I'm up to the challenge though. And oh, is it a challenge!!!

Flip Flops Are Sickly Amazing. Anyone who knows me, knows I pretty much live in my flip flops. I'm not sure if this has become more or less so since my broken leg, but I do know that any sort of sexy-heel-type shoe has pretty much dropped out of the running. This, technically, is good and bad. On one hand, heels are bad for your body structure, throw off your alignment and shorten your calf muscles and achilles (yeah I know) tendon. On the other hand, they make you look hot and more professional. So cruzing around the work place in the flip flops, not so professional. But, I work in a tech hole that I rarely come out of except to eat or pee and I work with all men - except for my boss who could put any woman's shoe wardrobe to shame. Except Carrie. Secretly, I think my sub-concious brain is seeing how long they'll let the flipflopness slide until saying something. I'm pushing the envelope in fashion with rubbery shoes that offer no support and require pedicures. I'm sick.

Bahumbug! Sometimes holidays have sucky reprocussions. Here, you get a three day weekend. And not to mention that oh-so-awesome shortened work week. But alas, this tricks out your brain and requires you to remember that even though it feels like tuesday, it's really wednesday. And those weekend plans you just discussed with your mother . . . yeah, those aren't as far away as you might think. Alas, I get the fail stick on this today. Gotta look at the bright side though, at least I remembered the plans at all . . . .

On Target: Today I came across an awesome blog in which at least 75% involves a love for Target. I heart this blog. And then in reading, I contemplate my true love for target. I love Target for its "affordableness without feeling cheap" feeling. This is a feeling I quite agree with and Wally Mart cannot compete with. I love that I can find the right gardening gloves, come home with an awesome plastic water bottle that, shhh, I switched the cap on because the other one was better, fall in love with the perfect pirate towel to ship to my soldier and buy a favorite movie the first week it comes out on the cheap. And I love that I can depend on the fact that my favorite Target check-outters will be there. Like family. In a non-huggy sort of way. I love that every year when I break my sunglasses, I can usually find a replacement here. I love how truly trashy they've made the plus size clothing area and how they think every plus size girl has a short waist. I'm plus size, I can say these things. I love the Target contact high. And I completely agree that, like alcohol, Target will amplify the mood you are currently in. If it's a good one, you will feel positively scrumptious when you walk out with everything (and more) that you were hunting for. And if you feel shitty, every shitty thing possible in the store will annoy the crap out of you further . . . from the mother screaming at her child in isle 5 to the guy who bathed in his cologne that morning to checker that just can't get it right to that person that you really (really, really) want to mow down with your red plastic cart. But alas, I heart Target.

And here it is, the end of my day. Over the river and through the woods, off to my Gma's house I go!

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