Friday, May 28, 2010

TGI . . . F?

Today is a just thinking friday . . . instead of a "say-something-tuesday", hehe. Normally I post a picture with all of my blogs. Not so today. Normally I'm overly witty and well thought out. Not so today. I've spent the entire week trying to publish my damn blog and so today I give up. It will happen. Maybe even this weekend. But instead, today I thought I'd take off the pressure for myself and just write. To go with the flow . . . To allow time to pass without concern . . . To stop and smell the roses . . . To be. There will be time enough for plenty of hustle and bustle this afternoon and evening. but this moment right HERE, this is my moment.

Tonight I am attending a wedding. That's right, some sentimental weinie thought that having their wedding on their anniversary was more important than being concerned that there wedding is at 6pm on a holiday friday in a semi-far off location. The bride gets what the bride wants. I ran into a crisis last night. Bought a pair of celebratory shoes (more on that later) and then ended up trying on all the dresses I own to determine what I turly wanted to wear tonight. Now I have no idea yet what I think. Bollucks. I'm sure it will all come together in the end, I just hate the debate. Boo face, should have just stuck with the original dress and original plan and then it would have worked out great I'm sure. But then there's the cute shoes and the fact that it might be cold and might rain and blah blah blah. And don't even get me started on the hairs. I have no idea what I'm doing with the hairs. It was a big enough challenge to remember to shave lol. I am also debating on taking the night off and treating myself to a luxurious stay at the hotel. I haven't stayed in a hotel in something like 2 years and it's a nice hotel and I think it might be fun. Now the debate really comes into play . . . to invite a cuddle buddy over to share it with or simply to enjoy the sumptuousness all by my fantabulous lonesome. Ahhh, such dileminas. But at least for all this "hassle" there's free food and a good night. Can't go wrong there. (Hopefully).

On a side note: everyone should be aware that actor Gary Coleman just died. That's sad. Feel sad for a moment. I'll wait. Ok.

This weekend is a three day weekend. Thank heavens. After all the business and running around this week, I feel like I need it. I am still as of yet undecided as to what all I'll do with my three day weekend, besides sleep that is, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. My Dad wanted to do a trip up to Mt. St. Helens on monday. I haven't been up there in a long while so I might take him up on the idea. A Dad trip could be fun. I've enjoyed talking to him more lately. And you never know what conversation is going to be your last . . . 

And on that note ladies and jellyspoons, I think I'm going to head out. I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. Appreciate your veterans! And remember to hug and love!

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