Monday, May 10, 2010

App My Ass

So I have other more important things to blog about (no I don't), but I would just like to bring to everyone's attention the craptastic tool-y-ness that magically fell into my observation lap this afternoon. Hence forth witness the sidebar app ad I came across while facebook stalking, I mean browsing, another friend's profile. Now I ask you, could this guy look anymore like a giant tool? A tooly man ready at any moment to pounce and then wisk you away to his black book of endless numbers just to never be heard from again? And really? You called it Zoosk? Sounds like the sound you make while running out the door after he tells you to get your rump into the kitchen and make him a pot pie.

I may eventually want a boyfriend, but can you please make it at least a bit appetizing and not so "convince-me-not-to-date"-ish?

XOXO, J <3


  1. I have to say that picture alone makes me want to swear of dating altogether. I know Jersey shore is in, but not everyone wants to date a guido.

  2. Sorry I missed your comment until now! Agreed. I'm from Jersey and it doesn't appeal to me. I'm getting a stupidity contact high.