Monday, May 24, 2010

The Monday Moo

It's monday and I'm sitting here at my desk at work watching the clock wind down and eating trail mix. This in turn makes me contemplate food, or more precisely dinner. Dinner tonight. I've been trying to eat on the cheap lately and watch my finances now that my bills are coming out of a different check. This, however, sucks big time. Not because you shouldn't watch your moolah, but rather because it means I have to cook. I'm a reasonably decent cook. Passibly good enough to fool any potential man in to thinking I'm able. But in all reality, I cook when I'm in the mood. Which isn't very often. My latest venture has been wanting to cook a pot roast. However, this only seems to go as far as my buying the supplies and then sadly the meat spoiling in my fridge and my not realizing such until it's too late. This then, in turn, makes me feel guilty for all the starving children in the Sudan with all my meat wasting-ness. And then the guilt overcomes. Blah. I pray that the 5-something dollars of meat in the fridge is still good, but I doubt it. And then I'll have to hide the evidence before it's further discovered by other animals (parental unit) in said household. Because this is the vicious cycle that is my cooking life. Blargh. I have a secret hankering though to buy a baking rack and bake delicious cookies to send in my soldier care package. We'll see how that goes. Maybe I'll even make pot roast this week . . .

Speaking of soldiers . . . so I'm in my second or third week of writing letters. I write each letter as though he already knows me, we are good friends and whatever else he is curious about he will ask me. And in all reality, all I know about him is his name, rank and cereal number. Oh, and he's on a boat. Which leads me to THIS. I'm on a boat. In other news, the post office has a really great program where you can order a care package kit filled with different priority mail boxes, etc so you're pre-prepared for your care kits and don't have to wait in line twice at the post office. How awesome! Now to just figure out what the hell to put in my package . . . Was going to do some random music cds, a sock monkey (because who doesn't feel better after seeing the sock monkey!), some trail mix and gum and maybe some other said goodies. I have no clue. This first package will be the most random assortment of feel good things. Hope he likes them :)

I have more to write, but now that I'm contemplating things, I think I'll do a Fred's run before I head home. So I should go do that. More to come later my lovely ladies and jellyspoons!

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