Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Face Of The Day!

My puppy dog last night. I love her smile. It's one of the greatest things ever witnessed by man. At least in my book anyway. I love that she has different faces and depending on which kind of face she's making or the angle, she looks like other kinds of dogs. I love that she has impeccable timing (said sarcastically) . . . I take her out at 7 when the weather is calm and she doesn't want to do much. Two and a half hours later when it's pouring down rain, going outside has now become a must-do thing. Such timing only a mother could love. I also realized today one of the main reasons dogs love having their tummies scratched . . . they can't reach there. I mean, sure, yes, it feels great. But notice they love it more than having the rest of their body petted or scratched. Think about it . . . Being a new-to-the-game dog owner definitely has it's tricks. She makes it definitely easier by being so well-behaved and by letting us know when she means business, but still, there are other things . . . tricks to sneaking them medications, how to get her to eat all of her food at once (by eating my breakfast sitting next to her) and when fleas arrive (let alone how to get rid of them!) . . . these things are all new to me. Definitely a learning curve.

But one thing I will say . . . this face makes it all worth it ♥

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Patch: One Woman's Mission To Find THE PERFECT Pumpkin

It's October . . . that means pumpkin season. Every year my October is filled with the search to find my perfect pumpkins and a plot of what to do. Each year I find a orange pumpkin and a white pumpkin. I have a soft spot for albino pumpkins. They make me smile. And when I see a whole bushel of  them, I want to bring them all home. Like orphan children being overlooked that I must save. Christian pumpkins fund.

So, as part of a my great pumpkin plot I also have to factor in where I will go. For years I've been going to one place on the island and it's been wonderful. They had a patch and a maze, farm animals and pumpkins-a-plenty. That is until they closed down last year. Extreme sad face. And while I found my pumpkins last year, there are two dislikes that factor into my pumpkin plot: A) a dislike for highly commercialized places and B) a dislike for huge crowds of sticky fingered munchkins. So this year I thought I'd try some place new . . .

So I drive my tush down to Newberg and find plenty of white pumpkins. I also find that the place does not open until 1pm. No bueno. So what does a girl do for an hour? Why get halloween toes and an ice cream cone of course! Last week I painted my toes white with black dots for fun. But alas, I didn't do the best job. So in the effort of time wasting in a fun way, I went in and had them redone. Woooo! And afterwards, I stopped by one of my favorite cutes ice cream shops and got a scoop of chocolate peanut butter. Yum!

Polka dot toes for Halloween!

Once enough time was wasted I headed back out and found that after all of that waiting, no love . . . He had big white pumpkins but not smaller ones really and this just would not do. I tried the place down the street even, but immediately needed a bag to hyperventilate into! Screaming children, pony rides and bathroom lines. Ugh! I preface all of this by saying that if I had kids and a family, I would find the piggy train rides and hay bail slides much more deliriously fun, but I don't and I'm on a mission so get outta my way! Look out kiddies, momma's got a pumpkin and she knows how to use it. On top of all this, I couldn't even locate their pumpkin patch and I wasn't about to ask so this was a bust . . . other than using their bathroom that is. So on my way I went . . .

And of course, I should have known it, my initial idea was the best. I opted to go to a different pumpkin patch in a completely different direction and it was the best thing ever. There were people there, but no overly crowded. Fun things to do without being overly hoaky. And lots of fun pumpkins to choose from! Of course, I couldn't pick just one white one. But I think I did ok!

I couldn't help but love him :)

And finally, I introduce to you . . .
My three pumpkins

Happy carving this weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Flannel, Fog and Fabulousness

Happy fall everyone! I've been a bit of a bad blogger lately, but I am hoping to rectify this. Things have been interesting lately. I meant to write this post monday, but then I got all nice and sick this week so that blew that bright idea. Poo. Anywho . . . I've been trying to do some things for fall that make me happy.

Whenever the weather turns nippy I start dreaming of flannel. I have a thing for new sheets. They make me feel giddy and I bask in their loveliness. I stretch and snuggle. You can't beat new sheets. So, of course, I bought new flannel sheets for fall. They make me happy. I ponder a little bit though about the flannel choice I made though . . . plaid. It's a subdued plaid of course, nothing freaky, but sometimes it makes me wonder if I'm becoming more and more like my mother . . . I thought about the hearts and polka dots, but despite my like of them, for some reason I felt like a bit like a little girl if I picked those and then I would be contributing to the non-ushering in of adulthood. Yes. This is how my brain works. Over sheets.

And as an honorable mention: My puppy dog graduated on thursday for her first set of training classes. While the hat was not my idea (I would never!), I will say she was the only one without a problem with it. Win!

The beautiful lake

In other weekend wonderfulness, the puppydog and I went out and went hiking at a new park. We spent a little time on the lake and then in a daring move, I let her run free off leash to test her learning skills. Despite some pee-my-pants moments I think she did pretty well! And we even got back in time for the dog wash.

♥ My Ballet Night Look ♥

Later that evening I endulged in one of my favorite pastimes: going to a show. Lately I've been on this show kick. I realized that I've been missing out on shows because I felt like I had to go with someone. And I feel bad asking my dad to every single show I think about because it is money. Though I would never tell him that. He has always been wonderful about going to concerts and shows. It's something I dearly heart about him. I have finally overcome this thought though and have lately been taking myself to shows. First I saw Carmina Burana/Pagliachi. It was an amazing double header show and I am so thankful I went and grateful that I was able to. This got me thinking though . . . there are others! So last weekend I went to the Ballet and saw Sleeping Beauty. And while some may roll in their grave about the thought that I was contrasting in my head to the disney movie, I confess, I did it. But in my defense, it was simply in observation of the idea that there was all of this other music to it that I never knew of. And was beautiful. And because my eye-spy brain is in the show mood, I was even bright enough to come up with a show surprise for my friend's birthday that my gal pals and I can go to! I'm so excited about it too. To girl up and do a fun event together. Mucho bueno!

The Theater
One of my fav things: The Live Orchestra!

Some other fall things I love: ♥Flannel Sheets 
♥Waking up to foggy mornings  ♥Sleeping in on weekends 
♥Listening to the rain outside while reading in bed 
♥Sweater Weather  ♥Fuzzy Socks  ♥Tea Time  ♥Opera Nights  ♥Broadway & Ballet Shows  ♥Feeling Girly 
♥Checking things off The List  ♥Finding The Perfect pumpkins  ♥Halloween Movies  ♥Puppydog Hugs

There's more pumpkin patch goodness to come in the next installment. Love to all my ladies and jellyspoons!