Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Face Of The Day!

My puppy dog last night. I love her smile. It's one of the greatest things ever witnessed by man. At least in my book anyway. I love that she has different faces and depending on which kind of face she's making or the angle, she looks like other kinds of dogs. I love that she has impeccable timing (said sarcastically) . . . I take her out at 7 when the weather is calm and she doesn't want to do much. Two and a half hours later when it's pouring down rain, going outside has now become a must-do thing. Such timing only a mother could love. I also realized today one of the main reasons dogs love having their tummies scratched . . . they can't reach there. I mean, sure, yes, it feels great. But notice they love it more than having the rest of their body petted or scratched. Think about it . . . Being a new-to-the-game dog owner definitely has it's tricks. She makes it definitely easier by being so well-behaved and by letting us know when she means business, but still, there are other things . . . tricks to sneaking them medications, how to get her to eat all of her food at once (by eating my breakfast sitting next to her) and when fleas arrive (let alone how to get rid of them!) . . . these things are all new to me. Definitely a learning curve.

But one thing I will say . . . this face makes it all worth it ♥

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