Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Happy November everyone! I definitely have some catch up to do on my blog. But, after being inspired by Miss Darling, I thought I'd start out with my TiLT. Though crazy, things have been really good lately and I've been digging on some awesome things lately . . .

♥ My creative attempt at pumpkin carving this week. More on that coming! ♥ Slowly getting through my Halloween movie staples. Even if they are a little late. I was too lazy to dig them out until this week. ♥ Taking on new and exciting adventures at work. ♥ Finally getting my package from Land's End filled with all sorts of cold weather goodies in yummy splendid colors! ♥ Long walks with the puppy dog in the rain. My one exception to this is late at night. ♥ Chilly mornings coupled with beautiful sunrises and warm english breakfast tea.
♥ The leaves all turning shades of reds, oranges and yellows.
♥ The birthmark in my hair. ♥ Making my first ever apple pie and my mom ooooing that I had made my own crust. ♥ My new flannel sheets. ♥ My new candy apple green vest. ♥ Long sleeve shirts and new fun boyshort prints. ♥ Wearing big warm impractical socks around the house when my tootsies get cold. ♥ A day at the movie theater. ♥ Reading in bed while listening to the rain. ♥ Getting four loads of laundry finished. ♥ Finally tidying up my dresser and bathroom. ♥ The smell of the puppy dog after she's dried from bath day. ♥ Getting excited for the holiday season to come.
♥ Finally letting go . . . ♥

Wishing all of my ladies and jellyspoons a wonderful thursday!

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