Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thank You. Yeah You!


Between watching Monday's The Big C episode last night and then reading SillyGrrl's blog from today, I felt the need to be thankful as well. Because, really, when is thankfulness not in style?

  • Thank you to my parents. Thank you Dad for teaching me the finesse of being a smartass, having the patience to know I do things in my own time and do hear you, for teaching me to keep my head down-mouth shut-do your job-everyone else will dig their own hole, for exposing me to such a world of culture that I am blessed to have seen. Thank you Mom for teaching me art, taking me anywhere and everywhere and teaching that nothing is too far away, for the Abraham Lincoln bust that is inspirationally creepy, for the skill of arranging flowers that has come in handy so many times that you'd never know, for thinking that one day I will eventually develop my green thumb despite often killing my plants, for sharing your recipes and helping me with my ever-growing cooking skills ~ one day I will cook a Thanksgiving dinner, thank you for being such a strong example of a woman that I can think of nobody else I would rather want to strive to be like.

  • Thank you Boo for coming into my life. We both needed love.

  • Thank you to my 9 to 5 as well, you've stuck with me and had the patience to wait for me to come into my own and flourish, you offer me a wealth of knowledge in an alternative way, bring a smile to my face at least once a day and you make me finally hungry for something more to achieve.

  • Thank you to my ladies. I am always amazed by your beauty, knowledge and inspiration. You support like no other and I'm so thankful to still have you in my life. To more years to come!

  • Thank you to my awesome family. Though we don't see other often, I treasure each moment and conversation together.

  • Thank you to my favorite bloggers for being examples of what great people in the world look like.

Future Thank Yous . . .

  • Thank you to My List for growing and becoming even more awesome!
  • Thank you to My Fit, I know you will be an amazing man with a great outlook, sense of humor and a lot of patience. Thank you for your love. Always.
  • Thank you to my client who eventually will pay me and I will greatly appreciate it.
  • Thank you for every book I will read, for shining your light.
  • Thank you November and December for being a great end to a great year. I look forward to your goodness.
  • Thank you to whatever further recipes I try for working out and being yummy.
  • And thank you to all of my lovely ladies and jellyspoons!

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  1. So lovely and heartfelt but my favorite part is "for the Abraham Lincoln bust that is inspirationally creepy." Awesome :)