Friday, July 2, 2010

Chick Bands, The End Of The Spice Girl Reign

Everybody remembers the 90's retort to boy bands : chick groups. I.e. Spice Girls. It was all about Girl Power. A statement, by the way, that I abhor. It doesn't make me feel empowered, it makes me feel like a massive hippie. Well, thankfully, this reign is over. Everybody remembers them, sort of with a nostalgic feeling such as with slap bracelets and sticky hands (huzzah!), stirrup pants (dislike) and mohawks (still the shit!). That being said, there's kind of been this interesting underground awesomeness that still hasn't fully come to light in the world o' rock: Girl fronted bands. This does not mean the whole group if female, this means their lead person (bring me to your leader!) is female. And this is awesomeness. These aren't your grandma's proper ladies either . . .

Case In Point: Evanescence  I choose this as my first example as they are the most well known chick fronted rocker band. I provide two video evidence here because I think the hard side and the soft side are equally amazing.

Case In Point: Lacuna Coil  I had heard this band awhile ago and then they sort of fell off my priority radar. However, while vid searching . . . Bingo.

Case In Point: Halestorm   This is a kick ass rocker chick! The song is secretly sexy and I saw them live last fall and her voice is still amazing and all the band members did a great drumming break that just wowed me.

Case In Point: Within Temptation  I conclude with this band because they are my most recent new music discovery. I love her voice, but then the music has this gorgeous infusion of rock and classical a la Apocolyptica feel.  Forgive the live version, but while you're at it notice the awesome feminine dress she is wearing. Gorgeous!


And speaking of Apocolyptica . . . I know they aren't chick fronted, but here's their new song and even though I have reservations at times regarding Gavin Rossdale (new stuff . . . ), I like how his voice sounds in this. You should partake.

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