Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally Friday . . .

I felt this picture was entirely appropriate today. I feel like that kid. My head is a swamp of foggy befuddledness. A combination of uber tiredness, overthinking and ughy allergies makes my existence interesting.

Thursday Night Rumblings: I, thankfully, did not fall asleep driving home late last night. But it was a really odd feeling the whole way home. I think my hormones took a dive downhill towards the end of the evening and that made for some weird combination of frustration, over-emotional crying for only semi-good reasons and inward reflectiveness. When I finally did get home, I couldn't decide whether or not I was tired. So I said bonjour! to some english breakfast tea (yummers!), an estroven (thank god!) and a lil John Wayne.

Mindful Images: I woke up from a really odd dream this morning that I can't remember beyond wanting to finish it out.. I hate that. Not necessarily one of those "oh my god!" dreams, but just one that you wanted to know the end. Like when you get hooked on a good movie and right at the ending it cuts out. Boo face. But as I was laying there waking up, I got the greatest idea for a new painting. And the image just kept building in awesomeness. So much so that the first thing I ran for was a canvas and pencil when I got out of bed. I'm hoping to work on it tonight and see how it develops. I kind of feel like napping and then staying up all night to paint. I haven't done that in such a long time. I'm happy to sort of be painting again, it's just taking a long time toget back into my art brain. It's not like reading or movie watching where you just pick it up and go. It's something you have to get back into the motion of and feeling to the core. Just feeling the rythym and "dance" of it.

Weekend Bliss: Saturday is suppose to be nice, Sunday crappy. Tough decision. When it's nice out, I get motivated. Not just to do outdoor fun stuff, but also to tackle my to-do list at home. I also don't mind driving in the rain, it is Oregon after all. I was contemplating going and soaking in a tub this weekend. Just have to decide which day. Might just soak on Sunday. Listing to the rain and relaxing the chill away is momentous.

Birthday Bonanza: Two weeks from today is moomoo and gma's birthday. I'm picking up the uncle for a surprise visit at the airport (so excited!). Oh how I love the airport! The hustle and bustle, the sounds and smells, the planes, the people watching and suspiciousness of it all. But in all of these birthday shenanigans, I've neglected and procrastinated one key point: the presents! Ugh, what to get them . . . My mom I can generally find something that just says "yes, that's the one". My grandmother is another story. Finding a present for her is sort of tricky. I guess I will have to go explore for some goodness this afternoon and come up with some creative ideas. I made handmade piggies for her for Christmas, but who knows now.

Oh well, that's all for now. Love to all my ladies and jellyspoons!

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