Monday, March 29, 2010

The Monday Moo

Good Monday: Today's been a good monday. I woke up well, though very much earlier than I had plotted. Oh well. Thankfully, I went to bed fairly early so it didn't really bother me. It was amazing just to listen to the downpour of rain outside this morning. I love to just lay in bed and listen to the rain, it's relaxing and beautiful. I read for a little bit and finished my re-reading of a book. For some reason or another, some mindless books I love to just re-read and re-experience. Work has been productive and busy. Sometimes it's nicer to be busy just because you feel like you accomplished more. Still trying to decide how I wish to conduct my afternoon. I might just go home and do more purging and redecorating of my room. I'm starting to feel like a change is in order, just trying to figure out how I want to do so. I think it's part of that moving on to new good things thing.

Good Start Weekend: Saturday was incredibly productive. I woke up, did a little laundry, sorted through my bookshelf and purged it of unneccesary items, went twice to the cleaners (thanks pop!), did a goodwill run. I attempted to find birthday gifts for the ladies, but failed miserably. Boo face. I then convinced myself to go to Home Depot and then spend two hours spreading mulch and de-ivying my front yard. Go me! It sucked and I felt magical when I was done. Grant you, only half the work is done, but it's a good half to be sure. Of course the father-type-parental-unit came home and attempted to rain on my parade, but no sell. My yard looks better, then end. I like putting effort into the appearance of my home. Not so much in the "keeping up with the jones'" sort of way (though that doesn't hurt), but more in the I feel glad to come home when it looks better sort of way. I can be proud and feel accomplished that it looks perdy. My dad doesn't understand it. He should then hush and enjoy the benefits of having a good looking outside.

Just A Little Drive: On Sunday I decided to have the fantastic idea of driving to the middle of nowhere and back with my bestest driving gal pal. This trip could be construed as good and bad. The bad: It was raining. Not so bad on the drive itself, but coming back into town late at night sort of sucked. The road construction and therefore closure of one highway lane. This was stupid. No work was being done. No visible threat to traffic by having the lane open. But we're still going to close a lane that's important on a two lane highway stretch on the eve of spring break ending. A man came up with this bright idea. The Good: Awesome road trip. Saw some great scenery despite the rain. Went on a crazy, "don't look now!" back road that almost made us pee our pants. Had chinese food at our favorite place. And best of all, lots of deep conversation with my gal pal. I always love this because it always makes us think and come to great epiphanies.

I have more to type about, but I think that will have to wait for tomorrow. I have the urge to go tackle some of my to-do list. Later and Love to all my ladies and jellyspoons!

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