Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Inspirations And Ramblings

Inspiration: Inspiration can come from anywhere. It can come from your own home, the people around you or the things you see and do. Earlier this evening I had an eternal road block. For the life of me I could not get started. last night my brain wouldn't quit, idea after idea. But today, blargh. I think the attempt at fixing my other computer this afternoon sucked my brain into oblivion. Before total death took over I decided enough was enough and made myself leave the house, tackle a small to-do list and see the beautiful sunset. And I'm so happy I did because I truly got some beautiful pictures. I love to take sky pictures because the beauty is ever-changing. Tonight it was filled with sunset and the ever looming storm clouds and it created such a torent of texture and colors. I love that mix. And as you can see, my block has lifted. Smile.

Tea-aholic: Hello, my name is J and I'm a tea-aholic. I'm british. We love tea. My personal faves are stash teas. I never go wrong with them. I love english breakfast tea. And when I'm feeling like a little kick in the morning, chai tea is always tasty. When my throat is feeling on the down side I'll combine peach tea and throat coat tea. I loke the spicy sweet combination they have together without being overpowering. And I always have my tea with a littlee bit of milk and sugar (splenda). I figure of all the things I could be addicted to, tea's the least of my worries.

Drag Race: I have to admit, I'm a big fan of drag queens. I understand this may alienate me from certain readership peeps, but eh oh well. I love their sassy fabulousness and that they are doing what feels good. And lets face it . . . some of those ladies look better in a dress and heels than half the women out there. I also love the scandalous interaction that's over the top without being crude. Probably the most famous, or at least mainstream, example of drag queen fabulousness would be RuPaul. I heart Ru. i've hearted Ru since the 90's and he's still my favorite comeback queen. I've become addicted to RuPaul's Drag Race, I just can't help myself. It's this uber bit of train wreckeed goodness. Another bit of favorite goodness would be Eddie Izzard. Now don't be confused ladies and gents because he's no queen. He's a transvestite. An executive transvestite ;) Which means he's a striaght boy playing dress up. I'm ok with this. And he's hi-larious! And while we are on the topic of Eddie, this brings me to my next topic . . .

The Aftermath: What Cancelled Shows Leave Behind One of my biggest pet peeves of tv-dom would be getting into a really awesome show and then it gets yanked. This, I believe, is total bollocks! A perfect example of this: The Riches. This was a great show that was on FX, but sadly got the boot after two seasons. And of course, this was right when it got good and I was completely invested. You scoundrels! Now I am forever left hanging and coming up with my own ending possibilities which will never come to fruition. There will never be closure. This makes me sad. Sad face.

And now on to happier things . . .

Letters To My Past: I am currently on a path of self-enlightenment and discovery. My goal is to move in a forward direction to good things. I have discovered that you will not have room in your heart for new good things if you are holding on to the past, and worse, the bad part of it. While I consider myself a generally happy individual, I will say that I think I've carried some of my past with me and in some cases it's left no room for the better. As a therapeutic excercise I decided to write goodbye letters to some of my past. I wrote letters to the people, namely ex's, that had hurt me the most and that I was holding on to. I wrote about things that had happened, how I felt and about letting go to move forward. As soon as I finished, I felt a good sense of contentment. Like there was more room in my soul. For anyone who is holding on to things, I highly recommend trying this. You don't have to say anything in particular, just start writing and be honest and say what you feel. It's a beautiful experience.

Something Old: The saying goes "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." I have long known that if I were to have a cake topper that it would be vintage. I'm not sure why, but I love vintage wedding cake toppers. They feel romantic and sweet. I always smile when I see one. Now I just have to find that man, lol.

And now to leave you with a thought about your day and that one thing . . . you know, that thing that happened . . . 

"It was this thing that happened today.
Other things happen other days.
Things will happen tomorrow."
- Shane, Weeds

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