Monday, April 19, 2010

Breakin' The Habbit

Right now I'm blogging. I'm blogging because I'm crawling out of my skin and itching to do something I shouldn't . . . post an ad. Find a guy. When I say it out loud like that it sounds desperate. But it's true, but probably not the way you are thinking. Logically I'm not in a rush or urge to have sex (God knows that'd be nice though) and I'm not even really in a rush to be in a relationship. I think I'm just wanting a contact high. Ya know, someone says hi or smiles at you or finds you attractive or sends you a text or reassures you . . . that's all a contact high. It's an endorphine enducing rush. But on the flip side the non-contact or rejection can be less than stellar feeling. Every once in awhile though I get that itch though, the need for that reinforcement. And it's ridiculous! Every other moment I'm fine and then there's this . . . ugh. So now I'm blogging. And finally eating this stupidly yummy slice of cheesecake (from easter - had to be eaten) and watching cops. Geez, I sound like I'm eatin' bon bons and watchin' days of our lives. So sad. But then again . . . what a tremendously fabulous cheesecake. I will say I think God intervened on my behalf by preventing me access to my posting account. For the life of me I could not log in. This was God's bloody 2X4 bashing me over the head until I stopped trying. Ok, I get it. So now I'm blogging.

In other news . . . my meals have not been incredibly healthy today. I don't get paid until Wednesday so I'm eating on the cheap. That's code for scrounging around my cupboard for something that's really easy to cook and sounds good and probably is really unhealthy. The decent thing is that this is only one meal of the day and only lasts another day. Thank heavens!

On the other hand, I also feel sort of lousy today. I worked in my yard for half the day yesterday and I think my body is now revolting. It is letting it be known that this is unacceptable behavior by charlie horsing my thigh all day long starting at 5:30 this morning and then by cramping up the top of my foot beneath my toes. Yeah, that's swell. Boo! So because of this, what would have been a great sleep became not so great. And now I'm kind of pooped.

And on that note, I think I'm going to go rest some more. Love!

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