Friday, April 30, 2010

Collage Day!

Hey guess what?! It's collage day! I'm wondering if I should make this a staple once a week. Just some random day a week, it's collage day! We'll see. Might be a good reader surprise. So here we go!

1) Really. I don't think there's anything I could say or comment on that would make this photo more awesome.

2) That's right, a hotel about dick. Moby dick. Even has a big whale on the side of it. You might wonder why one might even bother with this hotel . . . beyond it's general awesome dickness . . . Well, my dear friend had read an article right before this trip about this hotel and it's organic oysters that could no longer claim such a title thanks to the local townfolk and were threatening to sell to the aryan nation. This was so amusing (small town awesomeness) that we just haaad to stop. Hence the awesome photo moment.

3) Again, a picture with out the need for comment. I wonder if I can get those tags to go with the shirt . . .

4) That's right ladies and gents: stirrup pants. Now you might be sitting there having horrible flashbacks circa 80's and early 90's, but you'd be wrong. This picture is oh so current. And all I have to say is WTF? And worse, what are they doing in my store! Are you fuggin' nuts?! They were horrid the first time around. This is not a trend that should have been resurected from the tumultuous ashes of scorned little girls in hatred everywhere!

5) Now how often do you walk out of your favorite Pita Pit and come across young wipper snappers dressed in formal wear with oodles of balloons? Not often I tell ya.

6) The uber perfect tshirt that everyone should have! Because it's the shit and I said so.

7) This was my mother and grandmother's birthday cake from this year. It was tiny and packed with delicious yummy goodness. And of course, before the candles are even blown out, my grandfather lets his empty wine class tip into it. Witness the smoosh in the upper left. This is the same man that let my 16th birthday cake melt in the back of his car in the middle of August because he didn't realize it was made of ice cream. Keep this man away from the cake.

8) It's not often that you're walking through the grocery store and see a big fenced in cow. No less a painted one. No less an awesomely painted one! Bowchickabrowncow!

9) I was driving downtown the other day and came across this awesome mural on the side of the building. Thanks to mr trusty stop light, I just had to take a picture. It may be about cars, but it's gorgeous. Makes me want to paint and be happy :)

11) And my final collage pic for the day . . . snow. I love this photo. I love this photo because the story behind it makes me giggle every time. On one sunny afternoon I got the urge to go for a drive in search of more pretty sunshine. Sounds simple enough. While driving through the Gorge I took a side route thinking it would lead me to a specific place. Boy howdy, was I ever wrong. It took me a specific route . . . but definitely not where I wanted to go! I drive a sedan. I call him Spike. Spike is awesome in his sedan-ness and I take him everywhere. And as eveidenced by this photo, this includes some places I shouldn't. I go in search of sun and end up finding tons o' snow! Whooops! I actually hit a point where I could go no further. Here's me and my sedan, blocked by snow so bad that I had to back out the road a mile. I must have too much gumption for my own good. Silly girl . . .

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