Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Interestingness Of It All

Upon googling (I love that term) theword interesting, I came across this picture. I find this acceptable.

Life has been sort of crazy this week. I'm doing a painting for my Gma for her bday on friday and so I've been putting in time here and there to try and get it done. However, the time I had planned to have was sort of sucked dry by life. Blast. I had it all worked out and had planned this time in the space time continuim just perfectly that would allow for said paintage. And then a friend called balling . . . three hours later, no painting. In fact, three hours later I was even mad at my painting. Not because I had been taken away from it, but because I didn't follow my gut and screwed it up. Now, I have to fix. And because of the fix it, I have to fix the fix too. It's all a lot of fixing. My uncle comes in from Denver tonight to surprise her and so there most of an evening gone. I am going to try to slip out at 7 though and get home to work. Good luck me. On a side note though, I am thrilled to be going to the airport. Oh how I love the airport! It makes me happy in so many ways. Most people don't understand this, just go with it.

I did a couple loads of laundry last night so that's a good start. Frankly, I got fed up and couldn't take it. Clothes were strewn everywhere, shoes weren't put away, tea cups to the kitchen and I was running out of clothes. This last factor was the clincher. You can work your way around the others, but when you run out of clothes and are still required to be a functioning member of society in public, you better do laundry. I feel better that the room is tidy though too, it's easier to function. Less bogged down. I will say though, I DESPISE hanging up my laundry. I could fold till the cows come home and have no problem putting things away in drawers, but the hanging up process . . . I'm not particularly fond of.

Hmm what else . . . I got my hairs done last night. FINALLY! I haven't gotten my hair done since before Christmas and it was getting unacceptable. I didn't want to do it when I was still casted because it was just one thing too many. But now I am a happy gal. I love my hair gal, she's super sweet with some sass. I always have to hunker down while she's blow drying my hair because I'm taller than her. I find it ammusing. And she's one of those girls who always smell good. Like warm spice.

I find this week that I've been a particularly bad patient. They put me in an ankle brace for a month and put me in to pt, but I haven't bracing consistently and due to unexpected things I've had to reschedule my last two pt appointments. Bad me. My ankle and leg have been revolting in turn by swelling to gargantuan (not spelled the way I would have thought) proportions. Note: gargantuan is based on perspective. I hope it resolves itself quickly.

I have to get my things from the x's this weekend. Even after a month I haven't gotten them yet. I think I've been avoiding it because I'm lazy and/or it's been raining and/or it's uncomfortably awkward and I don't want to be clearing out while he's there. It's weird. Just need to suck it up and do it though. He'll be on a date Saturday so I'll do it then. Ya know, I don't really care that he's on a date or moving forward because I'm in a good place right now. What I can't stand is people who snarkily slip in that it's a date to get a reaction out of you. I really can't stand that crap, it just makes me think less of you. And that whole dating someone new while you're in love with someone else (his words, not mine), yeah that's crap too. How is that fair to the new person? Talk about not giving them a fighting chance. I've been that new person, it felt like a complete waste of time. A word of advice people: Don't start dating till you have your shit together. And finally coming out of your foggy beer haze and being in a position to have a little money despite the fact that you were destitute for months on end, does not equal having your shit together. I'm done with my soap box now . . .

In other news, I have still not figured out what the hell to get my mother for her birthday. And now she's icky sick. I post-face this with: I did not do it. I had ideas. Was going to do her a painting, but that time ran out. Thought about getting her a giant wine barrel planter, but I'm thinking no now. Too much thinking. Might do a barnes & noble gift card (we like books) and a trip to the soaking tubs. I think it's that kind of birthday. I can do something more wow later. And ugh, I have to get birthday cards. I have this thing with birthday cards . . . I look through the possibilities, see one I like  . . . and even though I give other cards a chance, it's always that initial one I like that ends up being it.

Trailmix, Applesauce and Hot Tea . . . I have a thing for these things right now. Trail mix is a good yummy snack food and the one I get doesn't have salt in it. This makes it yummier. I always hated the excess salt. I love salt sometimes, who doesn't? But too much is too much. Applesauce I've been liking because every once in awhile I just get a hankering for something simple. It's simple and wet yet creamy in a non-cream sort of way. It's a nice evening treat when I have a little hankering for something sweet but don't want to get into the sweets. And hot tea is hot tea. There is no questioning it.

On that note . . . I think I'm going to end this blog. I'm not feeling incredibly witty or profound in the randomness. Perhaps more will come later as the clock winds down. Love to all!

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